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The year is now 2018, 3 years happily married (Hey Boo), knocking out career goals (Go, Me!)  and wondering "Ok, God when will IT happen?

It never occurred to me, that conceiving would not happen on my own terms. Call me naive but it seemed like it would naturally happen in this order; Date, Marry my love, Travel and enjoy our first year (maybe 2) as newlyweds and then BAM. I would be ready to be called Mom, right? 


Month after Month checking to see if there were any signs of life inside; was mentally exhausting on my spirit and my mind.




Was not our friend in conceiving. Whether or not she played a part in the delay of conceiving is still a mystery to doctors. What we do know is that out of the 7 fibroids, 4 are the size of lemons and oranges ( yes I am a walking citrus salad).  The fertility specialist shared with us that the fallopian tubes were being blocked by these tumors.

Oy vey!

Fast forward to today. We are now the proud parents of our Baby Boy Levi. He is joy personified. Juicy, Jumping, Jubilant JOY.


What I have learned from conceiving to even delivering my miracle is that NOTHING  worth having comes easy. Your greatest testimony indeed comes with..A Test.

The wait made me wiser, NICU made me stronger and parenthood has reintroduced and redefined Love. 

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