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The Lit Mom Experience!!

What do you get when you gather beautiful mommies (with a night off), good food, fun games and positive vibes?


Very seldom do I get a chance to be baby free, especially living away from our families, but this weekend it worked out that I had a client in NYC the next morning (SCORE)! I Dropped my baby off to his Glam-ma, and was out the door! PEACEEEEE lol

The visionary behind the event, Roz, was such a light! We had mutual connections in common with knowing quite a few of the same people and became IG friends. This event was suggested to me by one of my good girlfriends so I knew that I had to check it out.

When I first walked in I was immediately drawn in by the decor and the atmosphere of the event. Beautiful purple uplighting, elegant table decor, smiling faces and some of the flyest Mommas you will meet!


After a fun ice breaker, good dinner, conversation and a friendly but fierce round of Mommy Charades, we closed out the evening with opening the envelopes from our icebreaker. We had a wonderful opportunity to share a little about ourselves and to read what some of our first impressions were of some of the ladies during our icebreaker.

We left inspired, honored, remembered and affirmed.

Thank you Roz for hosting an event for our tribe!

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