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I am Expecting My First Child During a Global Pandemic

Imagine this, you are currently a PHd candidate, newly wed, AND pregnant with your first child! Blessings upon blessings and actively crushing goals daily in the midst of preparing for your greatest accomplishment. Then Covid-19 hits the world. This is the story of our featured guest, (also my beautiful Sister in love) Jocelyn. I was curious to get in the minds of expectant mothers and share the raw emotions amid a global crisis. Here is her story.

My name is Jocelyn Elliot and I am expecting my first child during the Corona Virus Crisis. This pandemic has truly affected the process of my pregnancy. From having to cancel 2 baby showers, attending doctors appointments by myself (because no visitors are allowed), and giving up my one dream to have my husband and family in the hospital as I give birth.

These circumstances, quite honestly have put me in a little funk and nervous to want to bring a child into this world. This was critical for me, especially when the people diagnosed with this virus are in the same place that I have to deliver my first born.

God and family have been my saving grace during this tough time.  The prayers and support have gotten me through each day and each fear I face. It has made me realize that not everything in this world can be controlled. Its how we react to these circumstances that determines the outcome of the situation.

With only 2 weeks left in this pregnancy I’ve come to realize the positive aspects that has come out of this pandemic. Even though I wasn’t able to have a baby shower my family still made sure my Princess had everything she needed to enter this world. I’ve been able to stay at home and rest, instead of having to travel for school and work. My husband and I have bonded and really had time to bask in the joy of becoming parents as well as being husband and wife. My family even though I don’t get to see them as often has kept in touch and communicated during this quarantine. We now make sure we group face time every week. My parents, now that they are working from home are able to come and help once they’re grandchild is born. Sometimes we consume ourselves with so much work and extra curriculum activities and hobbies that we don’t take the time for self reflection and self care. This situation has taught me to trust God and his process. To always know that I am covered and this too shall pass.

My advice to other mothers out there is to not panic. Mentally tell yourself that you are not alone during this pregnancy and everything will turn out how it’s suppose to be. Of course always be cautious and protect yourself when you have to leave the house. Your health is just as important as your unborn child. Remember, it’s okay to be anxious and nervous just don’t hold on too tight to those emotions. Always look at the good in every bad situation. Picture your bundle of joy and the power of being a mother to help you get through.

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