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Meet Starter Kit Mom-Muriel

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Everyone’s advice isn’t for you, every situation isn’t the same.

Take some time and figure out what works best for YOUR family

When did you became a mother?

Sir Nolan Harper Jones was born on 5/26/14... but In my opinion, I became a mom the moment I found out we were going to share life with a GOD given soul... 9/29/2013

What are some of the challenges of being a mother?

My biggest challenge being a mother is being the mother of a little brown boy in America. I can’t count the many nights I’ve prayed over my son and his future in this GOD forsaken world. Also, wanting him to just be a GOOD, KINDHEARTED person.

How many children do you have?

We currently have 1.5 children...

What is the best thing about motherhood for you?

The best thing about being a mother... early morning kisses that wake you up, random hugs, that unconditional love. It’s a love like no other... one you’ve NEVER experienced before and

will follow it even after time.

What did you learn about yourself after becoming a


I learned that I have a slight case of OCD... LOLOL! I’ve learned patience (never knew it existed within me). I’ve learned a different way to love. Most importantly, I learned about who I am as a woman. Being a mom has brought out a rare type of motivation in life.

What is something that you experienced during pregnancy or parenting that no one prepared you for?

Ok, so... people often talk about or either you see it on television how wonderful and beautiful pregnancy is for women. BS! I SUFFERED! HAHAHA! I have never been so constipated, sick, annoyed, frustrated and uncomfortable in my ENTIRE life!

What are some unconventional beliefs/practices that you have as a mother?

We often give Nolan a choice about certain things as where when I grew up, there were no choices. My parents said it and I did it.. (maybe, lol). We want him to be able to make sound

decisions early on in life. We try to give him his options and explain the pros and cons of both so he can make the best decision for himself. He’s 5 but he’s very smart and usually decides pretty well.

What are some self care practices that you do to feel like yourself again?

Self care practices... I take naps and spend a little extra time in my car, lol.

What scared you most as a first time mother?

I was deathly afraid of cradle death. I barely slept for the first few weeks but one day I fell asleep while nursing. I felt my baby’s little hands push back my boob so he could breath

properly and that’s when I realized I birthed a superhuman...✊

Did you have trouble conceiving? If so explain

In 2005, I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was bleeding internally and was literally 3 days from dropping dead, according to my surgeon. This left me with 1 Fallopian tube and I was told it

wouldn’t be impossible to conceive, just extremely difficult. I didn’t get pregnant again until 2013.

Have you ever experienced the loss of a child?

Other than the ectopic pregnancy, my husband and I suffered through a miscarriage in August of 2017. We had been trying for a second baby for some time and was so excited when we found out we were expecting. A few weeks later, our hearts were crushed. We saw a reproductive specialist, as a recommendation of my OBGYN and were pretty much told we

wouldn’t conceive without the help of medicine. We were supposed to start fertility treatments but didn’t like the that particular doctor treated his staff. We decided to hold off and we prayed ALOT... as believer is CHRIST, we know HE always has the final say. We are due 12/5/19.... There’s nothing My GOD can’t do! *insert praise break*

If you could offer a piece of advice to other Starter Kit

Moms what would you say?

Any advice I would offer would be... know and understand the difference between ones experiences and ones advice. Everyone’s advice isn’t for you, every situation isn’t the same.
Take some time and figure out what works best for YOUR family.

Lastly, looking back what would you say to the expecting

mom on how to prepare?

There’s really no way to prepare mentally for what’s ahead. You just have to take it one day at a time and treat each day as a learning and growing experience. Also... don’t rip the tags off

ALL of the baby’s clothes and wash them, just some, lol. AND.. try and get gift receipts... ✌

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