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Are you sure you want to continue this Journey?

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

The question that shaped my pregnancy journey

I will never forget those words that escaped from the lips of the Genetic Counselor, "Are you sure that you would like to continue with this journey?".

No, I was not in an uber ride

No, I was not on a cruise

No, I was not watching Netflix and being asked if I was still watching

This professional was referring to my unborn child.

More specifically she asked "So you are still committed to this pregnancy and journey huh?"

It took me by surprise to hear that question AND it also took everything in me for the flesh not to react (It.was. about. tah go.DOWN).

This was the moment that I knew that this about to be one of the biggest fights for me and my unborn child's life. This woman had no faith in my baby's life.

My response to her with the biggest smile on my face was;

"Of COURSE we are, I believe God".

She proceeded to close her office door, breathe in deeply and with pity written all over her face she says "Well, some people in this world have hope and that is GREAT but we have to consider the facts. So, no amniocentesis?"

Me: No, the difference between me and those people is that I am not hoping for anything. I have faith and I know this baby is going to be just fine. Your tests have all been non conclusive. There is NOTHING wrong with my baby and I refuse to do ANY invasive procedures that may put my child in harm for a genetic test. If my child has one less or one more chromosome than it should, we will love him all the same. Thank you so much! Is there anything else that we have to discuss further?

She stares in Pity again.

That was the last time she saw me.

I waddled out and never looked back.

This was the beginning stages of my journey being a mom to a Preemium child.

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