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About Me

Hi! I'm Shameika

I am a Daughter of the King, Levi's Mommy and an Entrepreneur who loves all things Makeup, Art, Travel, Empowerment and Judge Judy!


I created this page to vent, overshare, learn, laugh, be free and free some of you from everything remotely associated with your bad mommy thoughts. I knew there were other women like me who did not know the first thing about motherhood. My running joke was that I wish there was a learning manual or Starter Kit to help me learn the ropes of motherhood. 


The road to motherhood prompted me to begin learning more about others and their journeys.

 I have learned from other women that there is always something new to unearth about you as a woman and a parent. You will never know it all!

I am sure we all wished at some point that there was some sort of handbook that we could refer to, right?

Each journey is unique and I would like to highlight some of those raw truths with you.

This Community is for you. 


Thanks for submitting!

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